Page 322b, Legend of the Last Dragon 2 #23b

This portion of our flashback tale mirrors a portion of the Sewer Wizard’s original tale with some key additions added. A completest reader may want to go return to Page 16, published way back in August of 2012 to make note of the changes. Trust me, Janice sure has.

10 thoughts on “Page 322b, Legend of the Last Dragon 2 #23b

        1. DaveT

          Or Anna might not be Tru’s mom? Depending on whether the prince and th squire were already involved. I’m over-thinking this. Really

          1. stowe Post author

            Prince Adam Macguffin and Anna Shandrow Macguffin are newly married. The first year of their young love shattered by the Monlux’s march. They left their baby girl, Truebador, back home to accompany the King’s army to confront the unstoppable beast.

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