Page 321b, Legend of the Last Dragon 2 #22b

After today’s comic I am going to take a month long hiatus to focus on family, the holidays and finishing up the work on the Kickstarter. I’ve decided during this break I would like to post up as many guest comics and fan art pieces as I can get.

So if you are a Sidekick Quests fan of any age and like to draw you I encourage you to submit fan art and comics to As long as the work is family friendly I will post it here in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Page 321b, Legend of the Last Dragon 2 #22b

  1. Thracecius

    Ahh, some good backstory to fill in the blanks about Mom-Knight! That must have been an interesting relationship to have, King/Knight with Squire/Knight/Queen?

    Checkmate! 😀

    I’m not much of an artist, but I’ll think about submitting something if I can come up with a suitable piece of filler. 🙂

  2. DaveT

    Ah the Monlux returns, leaving us hungering for more… backstory?

    Thanks for the wonderful stories; looking forward to more after the recharge time


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