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This Web Comic has been a few months in the making. Originally Sidekick Quests began as a way to introduce my 8 year old son and his friends to Dungeons and Dragons. In September I made some simplified Dungeon and Dragon character sheets for my son’s birthday party and ran them on a simple adventure. Afterward I released the sheet on my blog (jamesstowe.blogspot.com) and they were very warmly received by the rpg community. Since then I’ve been making custom character sheet commissions and had a fun time making a month full of monsters in December. All the while I was planning and hoping to release rules and modules to expand and support the concept. This ultimately led to the creation of this site. The first five Web Comic entries will act as a prologue of sorts… introducing the World of Adventur and the main sidekick character’s we will be following throughout their beginning quests. As the Web Comic story advances I will begin to release rule guides, expansion supplements, maps and adventure modules in PDF form that you can download here at the Sidekick Quests shop.


Sidekick Quests is designed to introduce new younger players to Role Playing Games. It focuses on the early adventures of young heroes. The game is best played by a mix of children and adults but is also hopefully an experience that players of any experience level can enjoy regardless of age or maturity level. Sidekick Quests is also a ongoing adventure Web Comic. Events that happen in the Web Comic storyline will introduce and expand the game world of the Role Playing Game. Rules will be blogged about as they are introduced in the comic on SidekickQuests.com and PDF Rulebooks and Adventure Modules will be bundled in PDFs that can be purchased and downloaded from the Sidekick Quests Store. The goal of SidekickQuests is to create an ever evolving Role Playing Game experience that introduces younger children to the genre. My goal as it’s creator is to make a game that parents can enjoy playing with their kids.


The first SidekickQuests story and rules set release will focus on the World of Adventur… a high fantasy setting meant to invoke classic sword and sorcery stories and prepare new players for later adventures in worlds filled with dungeons and the occasional dragon or two. The parallels between SidekickQuests and that other incredibly popular fantasy Role Playing Game is intentional. While this product began as a home brewed attempt to make a version of Dungeons and Dragons for my own son, SidekickQuests has since evolved away from those rules into something all its own. The initial love for fantasy roleplaying and that famous dragon filled RPG is still there though. Anyone that plays SidekickQuests should have no problem moving on to Dungeons and Dragons or any other Role Playing Games with little difficulty. That is, at least, my intent. The World of Adventur is not the only setting intended for SidekickQuests however. In the future stories and rules sets for other settings and genres will be explored. New characters will be introduced and entirely new epic storylines will be told. For the foreseeable future Sidekick Quests the Web Comic and the Role Playing Game will focus on the lives of a Squire, a Scout, an Apprentice and an Amateur as they (and you) explore the World of Adventur and the wonders and dangers that it holds.

SidekickQuests can be played as a single session lite RPG or as a campaign length Role Playing Game. Characters are pre-generated but rules will be given that will allow them to grow and become more experienced fighters and explorers. SidekickQuests is designed to organically grow with you as you play and follow the adventures of the Web Comic characters.

Thank you for deciding to join me on this journey.
James Stowe, creator of SidekickQuests



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