The Player’s Handbook Cover


As promised earlier this week here is the cover of the forthcoming Sidekick Quests RPG Player’s Handbook. Fans of Sidekick Quests on Facebook had a chance to preview this cover on Monday… which might be a good reason to go be a fan.

In the next week or two I’ll be posting more previews of the Player’s Handbook as I get ready to release it out into the wild. Keep checking back. Next update will be Friday!

2 thoughts on “The Player’s Handbook Cover

  1. Chrystrom

    Love the art work on this and the homage to a classic. I have two daughters aged 6 and 8 that I would love to introduce to roleplaying with your game. I have tried using D&D 3.5 and while they enjoyed playing the amount of math was over their heads. This looks like it would be right down our alley. So I am eagerly waiting to see this game come out and use it with my family.

  2. Hart

    This is such a great idea! Looking forward as well to more previews and the final release! …and the cover brings a smile to this old dice chucker! 🙂


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