Page 49, MotMS pg. 18

Munny has his moment in the spotlight today and it looks like he does pretty good (I don’t think he even needed that +3 from the DM). It does bring up that I do actually roll each roll made in the comic. I had a scenario set up or each possible outcome, after all, Munny… Read More

Page 48, MotMS pg. 17

  This week Squink turns into SQUONK! In the World of Adventur Seelie and Unseelie faeries exist and certain circumstances (like a curse from a mystical Moon Stone) can cause one to turn into the other. Luckily for Benton whether his faerie companion is a Seelie Arkan Sonney or an Unseelie Jimmy Squarefoot they still… Read More

PAGE 47, MofMS pg. 17

  One full page of combat! Everyone gets to do a little bit today. But in the end… something, um, well SOMETHING, happened to or tiniest, most pinkish troop member! Next week learn what terrible fate befalls poor Squink, Benton’s Arkan Sonny Faerie Pig Companion. I’d also like to announce that I will be participating… Read More

Page 46, MofMS pg. 15

This week brings some new info for long time readers. First up we now know Benton’s Middle and Last name. Arthurian is a family name. In the future hopefully I will explore that. Secondly, it is revealed that Benton’s Mentor (Rena the Ranger) is actually Gephanie’s mother. This to we will explore a lot more… Read More

Page 45, MofMS pg. 14

  Hey everyone. First off let me apologize for the lack of a comic last week and the lateness of this week’s comic. Two weeks ago I learned that my father would be going under emergency surgery and ever since then my life has been tipped upside down and put on hold. Luckily I have… Read More

Page 42, MotMS pg. 11

So the Sidekicks are magically super tiny, Benton is unconscious having been stepped on in last week’s page, Gephanie is clueless as usual (or is she?!? …foreshadowing) and now have arrived at the Gnome’s home… only to find, well, something little and green but with big nasty teeth. My guess is that next week there… Read More