Playtest Thursday #2

I have sent out the first round of Sidekick Quests Playtest materials this weekend. Those of you that have volunteered to help me test the game… thank you so much. Those that would like to help, let me know.

This week on Playtest Thursday I haven’t had another Playtest since last Thursday so instead I am going to talk about one of the starting Roles that make up the core of Sidekick QuestsTHE SQUIRE.

So do you want to be a SQUIRE, sidekick to a KNIGHT!

Are you a clever and strong leader type?  Do you want to command entire armies from astride your trusty steed, right smack in the middle of a battlefield? Do you, at the very least want to carry the lance of the person that does all that?  Then welcome to the life of a Squire!  You will be paired with one of the kingdom’s bravest Knights as your mentor, and they’ll impart on to you the wisdom they’ve accrued after years and years of successfully leading soldiers to victory! The Squire is quick and tough and they focus on fighting monsters, leading troops and completing quests.

As a Squire you start with:


First things first, we must make sure you aren’t going to hurt yourself (or any of your friends) with your weapons!  Your mentor gives you coaching(and a variety of bruises) in every type of weapon he or she’s ever encountered.  This training may have left you sore, but it’s also left you reasonably sure there isn’t weapon in the world you would be able to handle like a professional.  As a reward for all your hard work, your mentor lets you keep one of the practice weapons to have as your very own!

You may start with either:

Practice Sword

A practice sword is a fast weapon!  Enemies will have to dodge and duck if they hope to avoid your whirling blade!

or Wooden Club

The  wooden club is a heavy weapon! An enemy will have to be pretty darn tough if they want to shrug off it’s bashing power!


Over and over, your Mentor has taught you the importance of knowing your history.  The more you know, the less likely you are to make a mistake!  With this in mind, you’re pretty sure you’ve read (and gotten homework for) every book to have even the slightest bit to do with Knighthood!  Can something be used as an improvised weapon?  Does that monster travel in a pack?  Did this town used to be a circus?  Is it considered rude to burp in front of the King?  Anything a Knight should know, you were most likely taught.


Being a Knight is about more than just swinging around swords and studying past battles, it’s about telling people what to do!  Imagine: You and your friends are trying to sneak past a sleeping Ogre. Everyone else has made it past except your best buddy, the SCOUT.  This would normally be a walk in the park for them, but at the last moment, they trip over a rock!  Onto the Ogre’s pet rooster! Knocking it into a pile of dirty pots and pans!  This… will most likely cause a bit of noise.  Luckily, you saw all of that coming.  Right before your friend is about to put their foot down, you signal to WATCH OUT!  This gives them a new chance to avoid trouble, with your expertise helping them to steer clear of the danger.  Hopefully, they listen to you.



By summoning all of the skills your Mentor has pounded into your brain, you sweep your weapon around you at lightning speeds.  To an outsider, it probably looks as though you have become a whirlwind of destruction!  But to your eyes, time has slowed down letting you select your targets and apply exactly the right amount of power to each blow.

I am planning another private Playtest opportunity this Sunday, I will let you know how that goes and then later this month I will be leading another public playtest in conjunction with the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians of the CLAW’s monthly Open Swim event at King’s Books in Tacoma. More about that soon!
See you next week!

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