Mystery of the Moon Stone: Reader Poll!

So it is up to you faithful reader… how does the story continue?

9 thoughts on “Mystery of the Moon Stone: Reader Poll!

  1. DaddyDM

    The scout already shot the slingshot so he has already acted in the surprise round, the Moon Beast, beast.. of… the… moon got shot at and didn’t respond so he must be surprised, which leaves the Gnome to act in the surprise round.

      1. Yusaku777

        I was all ready to vote for Benton, but DaddyDM made some excellent points. I had to vote Gnome/Weirdness 2013.

  2. Joel413

    So, is this a hint.. or is it a red herring?! Does he want the gnome.. or is the gnome the new rats? He really doesn’t want to draw thousands of rats… but let’s make that the obvious choice!


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