Page 41: Mystery of the Moon Stone #10

So last week was a poll to see how everyone wanted to move the story forward… and the Gnome won hands down. This week we get a huge dose of Gnome fairy magic… in this case a shrinking spell, in case you couldn’t follow what was going on throughout this page. Personally I can’t tell if this layout is clever or annoying. I guess you will be the judge of that. Hopefully everything came across clearly.

This is the first time a player character has dropped during play. Poor shrunken Benton was just no match for the size 12’s of the Mysterious Moon Beast.

Speaking of play… With the Sidekick Quests RPG play test chugging along I’ve decided to begin adding game play cues into the comic that are more directly tied to the rules. So you will be seeing more “Are you BLANK enough?” questions popping up. Eventually I plan to go back to the past 40 comics and retrofit them the same way. We will see.

Next week we will continue the adventure and learn more about the Gnome and Benton’s fate!

5 thoughts on “Page 41: Mystery of the Moon Stone #10

  1. Roger

    I wasn’t sure where to start, but it all makes sense in the end. I think trying unique layouts is definitely a plus.

    1. stowe Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, Roger. This was a hard page for me. I redrew it 3 times. I still think I need to add a panel to the next page for clarity sake. Glad you finally understood it by the end though. Thanks for reading!

    1. stowe Post author

      Not a bad idea! I am not exactly sure how I would do that yet though… hence my current lack of health meters. I hoped the groan/reaction would be enough.

  2. Joel413

    Regarding the health meter issue, didn’t you have hearts that the players X’d out on the character sheets when they got hurt? Maybe you could show the “heart meter” with X’s on it when a character gets hurt?


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