Page 328a, Legend of the Last Dragon 2 #29a

4 thoughts on “Page 328a, Legend of the Last Dragon 2 #29a

  1. DaveT

    Caution, Smaution.

    Although losing her distinctive ears alone is quite a “monstrous” change in Geffie

  2. Thracecius

    Well I’ll be darned…that’s the first time I’ve seen a typo! I think you meant “temporarily –turn– you into” instead of “temporarily to you into” in the first panel. 😉

    Poor Gephanie…being a boring monster is now fun. However! At least that explains their strange arrival for the B Team! 😀

    1. stowe Post author

      You are awesome for saying that but I make typos waaaaayyyy to often. Thanks everyone for catching this one, I have edited the image. It is fixed now.


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