Page 289b, Legend of the Last Dragon #23b

6 thoughts on “Page 289b, Legend of the Last Dragon #23b

  1. Thracecius

    D’oh! Benton, you didn’t pre-roll your dice to get the bad rolls our of them first, did you? 😉

    It’s okay Thorsaxe, you did your best. 🙂

  2. Thracecius

    Oh geeze, you’re making it tough to choose between all four of those new roles!

    Well, they already have Maddy as a magic user, so the Street Rat might be a little bit redundant (except if they have trap finding skills), and the Intern might come in real handy with all those deadly traps and a death dragon in their future, but the Treasure Spotter might be extra useful finding items they need to complete their quest and the Lab Assistant might be able to come up with potions or contraptions that will help them along the way.

    I dunno, personality wise I think Mean Benton is probably more the Treasure Spotter or Street Rat (more selfish), and Nice Benton is more like the Intern or the Lab Assistant (team player), so that’s about as far as I can narrow it down. I’m curious to see what happens!

    1. stowe Post author

      I do not say this enough to you Thracecius but your steady well thought out commenting makes me smile every time I see them. Thank you.


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