Page 279a, Legend of the Last Dragon #13a

A friendly reminder that Sidekick Quests is going on Winter Break from Thanksgiving to New Years. Once we return it will be sand, sun and DRAGONS! Until then have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a merry holiday season.

2 thoughts on “Page 279a, Legend of the Last Dragon #13a

  1. Thracecius

    Sand Dragon – n. – of or related to other forms of reptilis gigas regium, including most mythological and living breeds (see also main entry “Dragon”). No relation to “Dust Dragon” (see main entries “household cleaning”, “household dusting”, “missing socks”, “monsters under the bed”, and “hairwumps”.

    You have a knack for great cliff hangers that feel less like cliff hangers and more like a “Next time, on Sidekick Quests!” promo message. It makes for a great chapter break and a much more relaxing wait.

    Have a great holiday break and thank you for another year of great comics and a successful Kickstarter project! 🙂

    1. DaveT

      Hear hear! Here’s to more snapdragons, sandragons, dustdragons, hired dragoons and dandy buffoons.

      Thanks for all the wonderful


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