Page 267, Legend of the Last Dragon #1

Welcome back to Sidekick Quests! I hope you enjoyed your Summer vacation. I know I enjoyed mine. A good portion of my summer was again teaching cartooning and comic storytelling to summer campers. over the next few weeks I will also be sharing their comics as well.

Starting today is the tenth chapter in the primary Sidekick Quests’ campaign adventure. Long time readers might notice that we are not immediately jumping back to the fate of Janice, Munny, Hippensteel and the others trapped in the Accursed Castle at the heart of the Bad Lands. Their fate and safety remain in immediate peril. Instead we begin this chapter with Maddy the witch fulfilling her promise to Gephanie from back in page 246. Apparently she has taken the time to gather some friends as well. Here we see both ‘mirrored halves’ of Benton the Scout getting along as well as one would imagine magical dopplegangers would. Also along for the ride is Lhäri the Beast Jockey and Ünique the Foundling of Acroph (both identified in the forth tale presented in Random Encounters for Kids, pages 238 and 240 respectively).

In the next few strips you will learn what brought them all together, were they are headed, how it impacts the others and witness a mid air fight with some monster. It should be a dynamic and reveal couple of weeks. Stay tuned and welcome back.

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