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This summer I will, once again, be teaching several Specialty Camps through the Annie Wright Schools Summer Camp program in Tacoma, WA. This year I will be running four different camps all through the month of July. They are:

Annimon Camp!
Session: Week Five JULY 17-21, Afternoon Grades: 5-8 Price per Camper: $200
Campers will spend the week designing their own monsters, hide their creations around campus, catching rare monsters and fight them for fun and prizes. Games and art together for a week of creative activity. It isn’t Pokemon, it’s Annimon!
Cartooning for Beginners
Sessions: Week Five JULY 17-21 and Six JULY 24-28, Morning Grades: 2-4 Price per Camper: $150
Younger campers learn how to draw using simple shapes and techniques. Children learn basic drawing skills in sessions designed to be fun and informative. If you have a child that loves to draw this is the camp for them.
Comics Camp
Sessions: Week Six JULY 24-28, Afternoon Grades: 4-8 Price per Camper: $200
Have a child who likes to tell stories, draw or loves webcomics? Your student will learn how to create comics. They will learn skills like character designs, scripting, comic drawing, comic coloring and an introduction to digital art programs. By the end of the program, each student will have their own finished comic strip to take home and will have their strip featured on the Sidekick Quests webcomic site!
Sidekick Quests: the Role Playing Game!
Session: Week Seven JULY 31- AUG 4, Afternoon Grades: 4-8 Price per Camper: $200
Campers join a troop of players to play a week long campaign of the Sidekick Quests Roleplaying Game lead by the creator of the game himself. Players will take on the roles of kid magicians, jesters and knights in training as they spend afternoons completing quests and exploring a fantasy world. Sidekick Quests is a tabletop roleplaying game designed specifically for kids. Children will leave the week with everything they need to play the game at home.

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  1. Thracecius

    Roll well, Pickup!

    Somehow, purple ninja cows with unicorn horns and skull tatoos on their udders seems…oddly specific. Who’s nightmare invented those? 😀


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