Page 240b, Random Encounters for Kids #25b

And that is it… Random Encounters for Kids is over. Five little stories telling one story. It was a fun experiment. I am happy with how it turned out. And now that it is done I am going to be taking the next two weeks off. There will be no new comics over the next two weeks. Sidekick Quests will resume on Halloween with the first page of Chapter 8: The Revenge of the Red Wizard!


Since I am taking a hiatus for the next two weeks I want to show this week’s retweet reward drawing. This week Ink Puddle Pat, the cartoonist behind the wonderful webcomic The Devil and Gandhi asked that I draw silver screen actress Hedy Lamarr. So that is what I drew.



4 thoughts on “Page 240b, Random Encounters for Kids #25b

  1. Thracecius

    Wow, that was not an eventuality that I was expecting for Janice. This should prove interesting…

    Great illustration of a classic actress! I had no idea how well you could do stylized portraits, but I’m not surprised. 🙂

  2. Black Socks

    “Revenge of the Red Wizard”. Sounds the characters should be….
    *puts on sunglasses*
    Red-y for trouble!


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