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sidekickquests_sheet_bios_janice-05Our story begins in the village of Fairevale during a tournament to determine which troop of local Adventurers will accompany the King of Chivel into the Badlands to rescue his daughter from the clutches of the vile Spiked Knight.
Janice the Squire
’s grandfather, Sir Wesley, and his troop win the honor and Janice reluctantly prepares to leave for the harsh monster filled region.

Sidekickquests_chapterheads-01    Chapter One: The Secret of the Sewer Wizard
While saying goodbye to her friends, Janice, and fellow Sidekicks Gephanie the Grey, Munny the Amateur Jester and Benton the Enchanted Woods Scout catch a homunculus trying to steal the dungeon’s door knocker. sidekickquests_sheet_bios_munny-02In attempting to retrieve the door knocker the Sidekicks discover a monstrous wizard living below the streets of Fairevale called the Sewer Wizard. He actually turns out to be pretty nice. He only wanted to hide the door knocker, which turns out to be a powerful artifact, from those that would abuse it’s power. The Sewer Wizard reveals that the door knocker is a magical artifact and part of a larger evil creature that once ruled the Badlands called the Monlux. In a battle with the King the Monlux was turned to stone and his body crumbled into pieces filled with terrible and ancient magic. The door knocker turns out to be the Nose of Monlux. After a misunderstanding with the local wizarding teacher Prof. Pendarva the Sidekicks pledge to take the door knocker relic to Sir Wesley, his troop and the King.

Sidekickquests_chapterheads-02Chapter Two: The Mystery of the Moon Stone
Discovering that they are too late to meet up with Sir Wesley, Janice, Gephanie, Munny and sidekickquests_sheet_bios_benton-02Benton try to catch up with them but taking a shortcut through the faerie infested Enchanted Woods. Almost immediately the Sidekicks get lost and run into a unscrupulous Scout by the name of Hippensteel, who offers to guide them through the Woods but only after she takes care of some business first. Discovering that Hippensteel means to sell a bound Gnome named Lucky to an old witch the Sidekicks free the gnome, and escape deeper into the Woods. There they find a monster called the Moon Beast, who knocks Benton out. Hoping to heal Benton, the Sidekicks follow the Gnome back to it’s village only to discover everyone there has been turned into Redcaps by yet another evil artifact, the Moon Stone. Surrounded and trapped the Sidekicks befriend the Redcaps, reunite with Hippensteel and eventually lure the Moon Beast into a trap. The Beast turns out to be two other Sidekicks in disguise, Milburg the White and Dalea the Amateur Minstrel… Janice’s younger sister. From them the Sidekicks learn that Professor Pendarva sent them out to find the Moon Stone, which they lost, causing the whole mix up in the Gnome village in the first place. This new Moon Stone artifact is revealed to be another part of the evil Monlux. The Moon Stone is believed to be the big toenail of the Monlux. Just as the Sidekicks are ready to set back on their Quest for the King another Wizard riding a strange flying beast steals the door knocker, the Moon Stone, the homunculus and Benton (who jumps in front of Gephanie and saves her at the last second)…

Sidekickquests_chapterheads-03 Chapter Three: Simple Quests for Children
Chasing after the flying wizard thief the Sidekicks run into the Duke of Fairevale himself. He orders the children home and grounds them. The next morning a new Dungeonmaster named Tweso the Red appears and supposedly has orders from the Duke to set Janice, sidekickquests_sheet_bios_gephanie-02Gephanie (now in new black robes), Munny, Milburg and Dalea to work doing dangerous drudgery tasks he calls quests. For the next day they are forced to trim a treant, brave a graveyard filled with ghosts in order to walk a spectral hound and navigate a trap filled cave so that they can feed a magical talking treasure chest. Afterwords Janice hatches a plot to flee Fairevale and head to a dungeon close by. It is rumored that the dungeon is home to an ancient oracle that can tell the Sidekicks where Benton has been taken. After spending the night plotting their escape Janice, Gephanie and Munny head to Ruins of Gloomsvale and begin…

Sidekickquests_chapterheads-04Chapter Four: Our Very First Dungeon Crawl
There the trio descend into the dungeon of Gloomsvale are are immediately attacked by a mean goblin. It wounds Gephanie but is ultimately subdued by Janice who sends the other two ahead while she handles the creature. Farther down the caverns Gephanie and Munny meet a small group of Adventurers lead by a young Knight Errant named Susan of the Aspens. With Munny’s help Susan and her companions; Singfred the Dwarven Minstrel and
Wilkesberry the Yellow Elven Wizard befriend a winged cyclops gorilla. Alone, Janice is attacked by more goblins. They prove too much for the plucky Squire and she is knocked out and dragged away to their lair. Pledging to help Gephanie and Munny rescue Janice from the goblins the adventurers lead them down
into the bowels of Gloomsvale. In the lava filled lair of the Goblins, Janice is reunited with sidekickquests_sheet_bios_hippensteel-02Hippensteel and the two are confronted by the very Oracle that the Sidekicks came to Gloomsvale to discover. There the Oracle reveals that Janice is a decendent of the Duke of Gloomsvale and has the power to remove the magical curse sealing all the monsters within the Dungeon. That revelation leads the Sidekicks to the next step in their ever dangerous adventure.


Chapter Five: Our Very First Dungeon Crawl Part 2: Our Sidekickquests_chapterheads-05Very Second Dungeon Crawl
After defeating a pair of nasty minotaurs the adventurers,
Munny and Gephanie run across Tweso the Red and Professor Pendarva. The wizards suggest that the adventurers help send our delinquents home while they go to meet with the Oracle, presumably to discover the location of another Monlux artifact. While on their way back to the surface the adventurers run into Milburg and sidekickquests_sheet_bios_dalea-02Dalea, who explain that the wizards are conspiring to take over Chivel while the King is away. This convinces everyone to head back down into Gloomsvale to catch Tweso and Pendarva and find Janice and Hippensteel. They all meet up again in the lava filled home of the goblins, only to confront the spectral Duke of Gloomsvale. A huge fight ensues! In the end the sidekick prevail because of a joke and a choice to help rather than harm. The oracle teleports all the sidekicks miles away in the blink of an eye so they can begin…

Sidekickquests_chapterheads-06Chapter Six: The Search for the Stolen Scout

On the edge of the Wicked Woods along the contested border between the civilized nation of Chivel and the lawless hinterland of Axeandgold there stands a lone, somewhat stinky, wizard tower overlooking a frigid lake. It is into this lake our sidekicks found themselves. Cold, wet and confused Dalea, Gephanie, Hippensteel, Janice, Milburg and Munny first encountered a giant Vulturapus (half vulture and half octopus). Their brief fight was ended by
Benton, the very kid they had come here to find. But all was not right with our long lost scout. Benton couldn’t remember anyone but Hippensteel and certainly didn’t feel like he needed rescuing. Even Squinky, his faithful faerie pig companion, couldn’t jog his memory. Instead Benton wanted to follow Hippensteel, who snuck off on her own as she is notoriously known for doing. After a heated debate Benton, Janice and Dalea set off into the Wicked Woods while Gephanie, sidekickquests_sheet_bios_milburg-02Milburg and Munny headed toward the mysterious tower in hopes of discovering what had happened to their absent minded friend. We followed the tower bound trio as they were introduced to the lord of the manor, a brown robed wizard called Minnema who surrounded himself with mashed together animals and other weirdness. As usual things didn’t go smoothly for our sidekicks and they were all out magicked and banished to the top of the tower. Their, much to their surprise, they discover two other prisoners… The princess the King has traveled to the Badlands to rescue and another Benton, one the remembers his friends quite well. Clearly there is going to be…



Sidekickquests_chapterheads-07Chapter Seven: Trouble in the Tower of Treasure

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