Make a Monster!

I have decided to revisit my old Sidekick Quests Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays tradition again for the immediate future. That means I will release a new Fan-Made monster on my Patreon account at both the $10+ levels (which gets you a fully statted playtest version of the monster of the week to use in Encounters) and the $5+ level (you also get a 300dpi print quality character design of the monster). I will also add a version of each monster into a gallery here on this very page!

Today (December 11th) introduces Boblob!


Boblobs (pronounced BOB-Blob) are simple faeries that enjoy nothing more than pretending to be other things and playing “harmless” prankson sidekicks. Boblobs are widely considered to be the closest things the Fae have to babies, just one step above Will-O’-Wisps. They are floating protoplasmic blobs that haven’t yet chosen a single form to adopt. Boblobs have the ability to mimic and even absorb themselves into any object they are touching. Dorlaks love to experience life as something else, for a little while anyway. They also think it is hilarious to pretend to be things they aren’t and behave in a manner that thing never would. Like all Fairies when a Boblob dies it becomes a Will-O-Wisp.. Created by Noah, age 11!