Fiendish PRO-Made Fridays #4

Welcome back to the last Fiendish PRO-Made Friday. Starting next Friday I am returning to Fan-Made creations made by kids. But I am lucky enough to finish this month of professionally made monster with a BANG! I have not one, not two, not three… but FIVE (AND A HALF) monsters from five amazingly talented comic creators and illustrators (and one very young comic creator in training). I want to say… if nothing else… Fiendish PRO-Made Fridays allowed me to get to know 12 illustrators and webcartoonists better than I did before I started this project in April. It has been really rewarding for me. Hopefully it has been equally as rewarding for you. I owe each and every one of these creators a debt of gratitude I will never be able to repay. If any of them ever need from me all they need to do is ask.


We start it all off with the Ganthera! This monster has been created by Adam Pilkington, who is one of my favorite webcomic artists. He works on a comic called Crosstown. Do yourself a favor. GO READ IT RIGHT NOW. I can wait. Did you read it? Amazing… isn’t it. Well the Ganthera is equally as awesome. Just look at that thing. Frightening! You can follow Adam on twitter @giantplaidmonk.

Next up is the Megorcys! This floating monolith that haunts the sun-baked wastes of the Endless Desert is the brainchild of Sean M. Poppe. Sean is a great illustrator. I love his rough and expressive style. You can check out his work at his blogspot illustration gallery and his comics on his Bearded Ruckus tumblr. You can follow Sean on Twitter @seanrunamok.

Next is the half rhinoceros, half jellied dinner condiment… the Cranberrysauceros. This crazy monster was made by Kevin Coulston, genius behind the both the Stale Bacon and the Dylan McVillain webcomics. Both are great and well worth your read. You can follow Kevin on Twitter @kevincoulton and @stalebacon_PHX and @dylanmcvillain.

Next is Monster St. Helens from the incredibly talented hand of Jesse Munoz. Jesse is a comic book artist behind Broken Legacy. You will find all manner of really fantastic illustrations on his personal website.  You can also follow Jesse on Twitter @jessemunoz.

And finally I am really happy to present the Glow Wyrm (both the adult and baby versions) from one of my idols… the pen and ink behind Munchkin, founder of Out of the Box games and the creator of the granddaddy of all gaming webcomics Dork Tower, John Kovalic. I am really going to try to keep my cool for the next few sentences but I doubt I will. I have been reading John’s work for at least 15 years. When he agreed to join Fiendish PRO-Made Fridays I literally marked something off my bucket list. I am a huge fan of his work and having the opportunity to connect with him has been a great experience. To add to my excitement John not only agreed to send in a monster… but so did his 4 year old daughter, Louisa! In fact Louisa and John both worked on the same monster… John making the giant adult version and Louisa creating the baby version. These entries are exactly what makes Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays and Sidekick Quests something I get a lot out of working on. Parents and kids bonding together over super geeky things. You can follow John on Twitter @muskrat_john.

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