Fiendish PRO-Made Friday #2

This week on Fiendish PRO-Made Friday I am incredibly pleased to show off to amazing monsters created by two webcartoonists and artists that I really admire. The first is is nightmarish creation by the fantastic artist and cartoonist, Joe Edens. Joe is awesome because he works entirely in Vector (not that I am bias… but I am bias). You can see examples of Joe’s artwork on his tumblr. He also has not one but two webcomics he works on: Crestline Street and Rabbid Force! But are worth your time and have healthy back logs. I wouldn’t say that either are particularly kid friendly though… you have been warned. You can also follow Joe on Twitter @jedwardedens. Joe’s Remnant is a frightening monster made in more so by the brief yet ominous bio he wrote for it.

Our other monster is made by one of my favorite webcartoonists and the direct inspiration for me making Sidekick Quests into a webcomic in the first place, Brian Patterson. Brian makes my absolute favorite webcomic, D20Monkey! It is the best gaming comic out there today. His balance between the lives of the players in the troop and the lives of the game character they play is perfect. The art is very inspiring and the storylines are always rewarding. I can’t tell you how much I love his strip. Brian volunteering to make a monster for Sidekick Quests really made my day. That said… D20Monkey is very adult. Parents should probably read it when their kids aren’t around. You can also follow Brian on Twitter @D20Monkey. The Magmaguts is a monster that wouldn’t be out of place in an actual Monster Manual. The biography Brian wrote for it is full of classic fantasy roleplaying gems.

Join me in thanking Joe and Brian for adding two great monsters to the World of Adventur. Sidekick Quests is now richer with the creation of both of them.

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