Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays 9

If ever there was a fan of Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays it is my very own son, Barrett. He is literally a monster making force of nature. I could keep FFF going for the rest of the year on his submissions alone. It should come as no surprise to anyone that follows my ramblings on this blog that Barrett is a big source of inspiration and motivation for Sidekick Quests. Sometimes, when I have been slogging away at work or I’m buried in art chores I forget why I make this comic… and then he hands me mad little things like the Gobi and everything is fresh again. There will be a time when he grows out of being my best friend or wanting to do all the dorky things that I do. I know that. But when it is all over… we will still have the Gobi and that will make me smile.


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