Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays #22

Today’s Fiendish Fan-Made Monsters again comes from the amazing minds of students in  Ms. Rowley’s 3rd Grade class at Sherman Elementary School in Tacoma, WA. Today is their last day in school! That does not mean I will stop posting Ms. Rowley’s student’s monsters but I think I may start folding them back in with other monster submissions I’ve gotten outside of her class. To close out the school year lets check out 4 more fantastic monsters. Matthew ( age 9 ) creates a fishy traveller from another world in the form of the Atomic Flounder. Josh ( age 9 ) makes for us the Monster Dog a Titan that remains from early Adventur history. Kazmeira ( age 9 ) gives us the cybernetic static ball of alien energy called the Super Shoot and finally my son Barrett ( age 9 ) creates the clumsy but mildly generous monster snake erroneously known as the Armored Wirm.

I hope you dig them as much as I did making them with the class. Thanks again, Ms. Rowley!

















3 thoughts on “Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays #22

  1. Ms. Rowley's Class

    Once again…here we are!

    Today is our last day of school and we are so excited that some new creatures were posted for us to view today!

    Matthew says, “I don’t know what to say.”
    Josh says, “It was very very huge and very awesome!”
    Kazmeira says, “It looks really cool. It looks really awesome.”
    Barrett says, “I love that the Armored Wirms aren’t actually worms…just snakes! I love that there is a species of Mace Snakes that are actually worms! LOVE YOU DADDY!”

    Thanks again!


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