Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays #20

Today’s Fiendish Fan-Made Monsters again comes from the amazing minds of students in  Ms. Rowley’s 3rd Grade class at Sherman Elementary School in Tacoma, WA. This week we are treated to 4 more fantastic monsters. R.J. ( age 8 ) and Courtland ( age 9 ) create two new monsters to populate the Bad Lands, the living ammunition known as the Spike Monster and the source of all Magma in Adventur… the Lava Flea. Not to be out done the Wicked Woods gains easily one of the creepiest Fiendish Monsters ever… the simply named Spring Attack made by Linda ( age 8 ). Finally there are the Squiders made by Greta ( age 8 ) which I personally find pretty hilarious. I hope you dig them as much as I did making them with the class. Thanks again, Ms. Rowley!

















One thought on “Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays #20

  1. Ms. Rowley's Class

    We looked at them again today! Thank you so much for making their creatures come to life!

    Courtland says, “Well, thank you for creating my monster!”
    RJ says, “I really like my monster a lot.”
    Linda says, “I like the eyeball!” with a nod of her head.
    Greta says, “It is a lot scarier than I thought it would look.”

    These are amazing!


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