Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays #19

Today’s Fiendish Fan-Made Monsters comes from the 3rd Grade class taught by  Ms. Rowley at Sherman Elementary School in Tacoma, WA. I was lucky enough of to be invited to talk to her class last Friday about being a professional illustrator, graphic designer, creative director and cartoonist. I brought several Fiendish Fan–Made Friday submission forms with me as an activity for the class. The results were pretty awe inspiring. After an hour I had over 50 new monsters to inspire me. For the next couple weeks I will be showcasing ms. Rowley’s class’ monsters… starting today. This week I have  the Atonis made by Trenton (age 8), the Advor made by Hailey (age 9), the Sycalice made by Alanis (age 8) and the Weirdo made by Michael (age 8). I hope you dig them as much as I did making them with the class. Thanks, Ms. Rowley!

















3 thoughts on “Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays #19

  1. Ms. Rowley's Class

    We read these in class today. Thank you so much for posting them!

    Trenton would like to say that all of the drawings/monsters are really good!
    Hailey would also like to say that all of them were AWESOME!
    Alanis said, “Thank you for making this so AWESOME!”
    Michael wanted to let you know that he thinks his monster turned out better than he thought it would.

    The entire class would like to say, “Hi and bye!”

    Thank you again for making this possible. We loved having you visit out class!

    1. stowe Post author

      I don’t think I have ever received a comment from an entire class before. Thank you all very much. I am so glad you all liked them. There will be more Ms. Rowley monsters tomorrow! I hope you like them as well. I really appreciate your feedback, you made my day!


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