Fiendish Fan-Made Friday #21

Today’s Fiendish Fan-Made Monsters again comes from the amazing minds of students in  Ms. Rowley’s 3rd Grade class at Sherman Elementary School in Tacoma, WA. This week we are treated to 4 more fantastic monsters. Marcus ( age 9 ) makes a fiery addition to the Stinking Swamp in the form of the fearsome Fire Ranger. Kess ( age 8 ) adds another feline faery into the Wicked Woods with the tricky Catseem. Evan ( age 9 ) and Emma ( age 9 ) also create two new monsters to populate the Mysterious Mountains of Fu, the Sumo wrestling Turtleman called the Bawser and the nature spirit that helps rice grow called the Cwooa.

I hope you dig them as much as I did making them with the class. Thanks again, Ms. Rowley!

















2 thoughts on “Fiendish Fan-Made Friday #21

  1. Ms. Rowley's Class

    Here we go again!

    Marcus says, “The Fire Ranger was so majestic.”
    Kess says, “The Catseem was so cute and scary looking….but still cute and scary at the same time.”
    Evan says, “I think it turned out better than I thought it would.”
    We all like how fat the Bawser was!
    Emma says, *shrugs shoulders*.

    Thank you so much again for posting these! You are amazing at what you do. My kiddos all say, “YOU ARE THE BEST!” 🙂


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