Fan art exchange – Vince Dorse

This week I had the opportunity to share some fan art with one of my favorite webcartoonists, Vince Dorse… writer and artist of the phenomenal all-ages comic The Untold Tales of Bigfoot. Three weeks ago Vince won the Twitter #retweetrewards drawing and asked for me to exchange fan art with him. I jumped at the chance. Below is the artwork I received from Vince. It is a classic Sunday adventure strip style panel featuring Janice against some giant spiders. It is absolutely wonderful. SidekickQuests_VinceDorse

For my part of exchange I decided to create a Sidekick Quests the Role Playing Game NPC Sheet for Vince’s title character from the Untold Tales of Bigfoot. Now his gentle, lonely protagonist can be interacted with in the World of Adventure. This NPC Sheet is canon and can be used in the game. Feel free to download, share and print it. It is free to use. Maybe I will make an accompanying sheet for Bigfoot’s best friend Scout too.


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