Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays #19

Today’s Fiendish Fan-Made Monsters comes from the 3rd Grade class taught by  Ms. Rowley at Sherman Elementary School in Tacoma, WA. I was lucky enough of to be invited to talk to her class last Friday about being a professional illustrator, graphic designer, creative director and cartoonist. I brought several Fiendish Fan–Made Friday submission forms… Read More

Fiendish Fan-Made Friday #18

Today’s Fiendish Fan-Made Monsters were made by my son Barrett, my son’s good friend Justin and my daughter Audrey. First my son adds another alien species to the World of Adventur (he made the Ciber-Cow from away back in FFF #1). The Autonises are alien robots that live in Southern Chivel. Presented here is the youngest… Read More

Fiendish Fan-Made Friday #17

This week’s Fiendish Fan-Made Monsters comes from the imaginations of a brother/sister duo. Eight year old Issac and five year old Micah, both of whom I was lucky enough to meet at a playtest I ran recently, created two awesome monsters… the Goblin Warlar and the Bunny Giant. The Goblin Warlar is an odd creature that fights against… Read More

Fiendish Fan-Made Friday 16

Today’s Fiendish Fan-Made Monster comes from the mind of eight year old Alexis, who I was lucky enough to meet at a playtest I held during International Tabletop Day on March 30th. Her wonderful creation is one of my favorite Fiendish Fan-Made Monsters to date. This is the Lioncorn. I am sure you will dig… Read More

Playtest Thursday #4

Last wednesday I was able to run a public game of Sidekick Quests the RPG for the cartoonists of the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians and a few members of the general public. I prepared a CLAW themed quest for the evening full of pipe monsters, creepy abandoned castle floors and Flying Monkeys. 3 CLAW… Read More

Fiendish PRO-Made Fridays #4

Welcome back to the last Fiendish PRO-Made Friday. Starting next Friday I am returning to Fan-Made creations made by kids. But I am lucky enough to finish this month of professionally made monster with a BANG! I have not one, not two, not three… but FIVE (AND A HALF) monsters from five amazingly talented comic creators… Read More

Dylan McVillain Guest Art!

I did some guest (fan) art for the webcomic Dylan McVillain by Kevin Coulson. It is a great webcomic. You should check it out!

Fiendish PRO-Made Fridays #3

This week on Fiendish PRO-Made Friday I am happy to introduce you to a few of the members of the Cartoonists League of Absurd Cartoonists, a cartoonist and illustration club that I am a founding member of. This week I am happy that my fellow brothers are contributing monsters of all shapes and sizes. The first is… Read More

Playtest Thursday #3

Next Wednesday I will be leading my fellow members of the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians in a play test of the Sidekick Quests RPG. I am going to playtest with my friends in CLAW. Join the Cartoonists League to complete quests, draw monsters and learn all about Sidekick Quests from the creator of the comic… Read More

Fiendish PRO-Made Friday #2

This week on Fiendish PRO-Made Friday I am incredibly pleased to show off to amazing monsters created by two webcartoonists and artists that I really admire. The first is is nightmarish creation by the fantastic artist and cartoonist, Joe Edens. Joe is awesome because he works entirely in Vector (not that I am bias… but… Read More

Playtest Thursday #2

I have sent out the first round of Sidekick Quests Playtest materials this weekend. Those of you that have volunteered to help me test the game… thank you so much. Those that would like to help, let me know. This week on Playtest Thursday I haven’t had another Playtest since last Thursday so instead I… Read More

Fiendish PRO-Made Friday

Welcome everyone to Fiendish PRO-Made Fridays. I am going to take a couple of weeks off from showcasing monsters made by children in order to focus instead on some monsters created by a few professional illustrators and webcartoonists I know that were kind enough to volunteer their talents to the World of Adventur! We kick… Read More

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