Page 228a, Random Encounters for Kids #13a

This week I am proud to be the Guest Artist at the Annie Wright School’s Camp Wright¬†Summer Program.¬†Over 150 campers ages 6 to 13 and I are spending the week learning about cartooning and concepting, drawing and collecting our own Pokemon style creatures we are calling Anniemon. For the next three weeks I will be… Read More

Page 226a, Random Encounters for Kids #11a

I’m back from vacation and finished with the first smaller ‘encounter style’ storyline that will make up Sidekick Quests this Summer. Today introduces are next 10 part Encounter story focused on Gephanie and Maddy trying to discover the identity of Gephy’s secret faerie dad. As you can see it has started off without any complications… Read More

Page 225b, Random Encounters for Kids #10b

Hi everyone, still on vacation here so bare with the late comic. This marks the end of the Pirate Encounter portion of Random Encounters for Kids. Seemed to work out well for everyone involved, especially Singfred. Up next will be an encounter with an NPC we’ve met before as Gephanie and Madyson search for the… Read More

Page 224a, Random Encounters for Kids #9a

Betcha didn’t see that coming…   Also, I bet this is a shock to you too… A brand new Retweet Reward drawing after weeks of no new drawings. Last week Andrew, a Patron backer won and asked that I draw him a Cyberdemon from the new DOOM game, so I did.  


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