Page 231a, Random Encounters for Kids #16a

Fairy Time Magic… it will get you every time. Also, forgive my visual gag of literally rooted to the ground children being told to settle down by their mother. I am pretty sure that one is only funny to me. But it was literally the first image I had in my head for this whole… Read More

Cartooning Camp Comics 2016, 12

To finish out our 2016 Cartooning Camp series I give you the complete work of Amelia Morris, age 10. She completed 7 fully plotted, penciled, inked and colored pages in only a week of camp! It was a pretty amazing feat. And her story, about the warring nations of Flufftown and Slimetown, is a great… Read More

Cartooning Camp Comics 2016, 11

This comic page is by Madayn “Maddie” Eagan, age 9.¬†Maddie was always full of excitement and enthusiasm for camp. She also a great artist and was a pleasure to have in camp.

Cartooning Camp Comics 2016, 10

These comics pages are the work of a very talented camper named Jamie Coffman, age nine. Jamie was a really interesting camper to have in class. She was very driven to work on her work, fun around the other campers but was quick to let me know when she felt that she didn’t need to… Read More

Cartooning Camp Comics 2016, 9

His is a Matthew Alinea‘s comic page about Scooby Doo. He was a nine year old camp that came into camp absolutely wanting to tell his own story about Scooby Doo. Over the week I helped him craft a story about a mysterious man in a Cowboy Squid Ghost costume haunting a volcano so that… Read More

Cartooning Camp Comics 2016, 8

These two thrilling pages are the creation of camper Sage Mansfield, age 10. His story involved a shadowy army attempting to brainwash a town and the two brothers caught up in the scheme that attempted to thwart them. Over the course of the five days I run my Cartooning Camp I focus on a different… Read More

Cartooning Camp Comics 2016, 7

This is a comic by camper Tessa Cowen (age 9), who I was lucky enough to have in camp for two weeks. Tessa was very dedicated, talented and meticulous. Not only that but she was a big help in week two as I¬†presented story structure, storyboards, thumbnails, penciling and inking to a fresh new group… Read More


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