Page 223b, Random Encounters for Kids #9a

Betcha didn’t see that coming…   Also, I bet this is a shock to you too… A brand new Retweet Reward drawing after weeks of no new drawings. Last week Andrew, a Patron backer won and asked that I draw him a Cyberdemon from the new DOOM game, so I did.  

Page 221a, Random Encounters for Kids #6a

Well, my friends… the Secret of the¬†Sewer Wizard Kickstarter is officially over and we FUNDED! Now there is a summer full of making awesome rewards in store for me. I can’t wait. Literally. I start today. I want to thank every who backed Sidekick Quests. You are wonderful and I look forward to that day… Read More

Page 220a, Random Encounters for Kids #5a

I can’t believe we only have 4 more days left to go on the Secret of the Sewer Wizard Kickstarter. It has been an amazing ride so far and I have loved every stressful minute of it. Thank you to all my backers. However, there is still time left to check out the Untold Tales… Read More

Page 219a, Random Encounters for Kids #4a

I will be demoing Sidekick Quests the Roleplaying Game this Saturday at Uncles Games in the Tacoma Mall starting at 12pm. If you are in the area please come play games with me and my kids! In Kickstarter news… The Secret of the Sewer Wizard is now FULLY FUNDED! We still have nine¬†days left so… Read More

Page 218b, Random Encounters for Kids #3b

I had a really fantastic time last weekend at ETX. We met a ton of great people, drew some fun stuff and I got to connect with a lot of like minded indy game designers. It was also one of the best administrated conventions I have ever attended. Thanks to everyone involved.   I will… Read More


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