Page 112, Our Very First Dungeon Crawl #22

This is the official last page of the Our Very First Dungeon Crawl story arc. From here we move on to Our Very First Dungeon Crawl Pat 2, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl.   Here is a stitched together version of this page and the last page. Next week I am going to take a… Read More

Page 111, Our Very First Dungeon Crawl #21

This is the first of my first two page spread. It is the second to last page in Part 1 of this arc. The last page is next week and then I am taking a break week before starting Our Very First Dungeon Crawl Part 2 (another 22 page Mega arc!). On the break week… Read More

Page 108, April Fools Edition 2014

Sorry for the late comic. I am on vacation in Pennsylvania with my family and we were caught Sunday night in a freak snow storm that dumped 4 inches on us in only a few hours and knocked power out for the whole town. No power meant no internet. No internet meant I was going… Read More

Page 108, Our Very First Dungeon Crawl #19

A reminder that I will be attending Emerald City Comic Con at the end of this month. I’ll be manning the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians table (I-07/08) in Artists Alley on Friday and Saturday. I will be there to meet people, sell CLAW merch, demo Sidekick Quests the RPG and Draw Commissions! That means I am now taking con sketch commissions for Emerald… Read More

Page 107, Our Very First Dungeon Crawl #18

I can’t help it. I smile every time I write anything that the Oracle says. She sees all things (as long as they are happy and fun)! I guess when you know with certainty all the terrible things that will befall people it is best to focus on the good stuff. Also, and I know… Read More

Page 106, Our Very First Dungeon Crawl #17

I bet you didn’t expect to ever see Hippensteel again. The last time we saw her she was attempting to steal the Moonstone from everyone back on page 55. It is really fun to have her back. She is the… worst. But maybe she’s learned her lesson. Probably not though.

Page 105, Our Very First Dungeon Crawl #16

But, who is it? WHO? Don’t you just hate cliffhangers like this? I will tell you this… This page is the first time in this story arc that I feel like I am crafting a real story with twists and turns. After this things really start moving… both for Our Very First Dungeon Crawl, but… Read More

Page 102, Our Very First Dungeon Crawl #13

Just a reminder that brand new Valentines PDF for digital download are on sale in the Sidekick Quests Shop now. Fantasy Monsters and Firefly Valentines are available along with Doctor Who villains and Super Mario Bros.

Page 101, Our Very First Dungeon Crawl #12

The first of this year’s geeky Valentines are now on sale in the Sidekick Quests Shop! This year my son asked me to design Valentines featuring monsters from fantasy Roleplaying Games. Included in the set is a Goblin, Owlbear, Gelatinous Cube, Rust Monster, Kobold (lizardy version), Beholder, Bugbear, Gnoll and a extra large sized Terrasque! Here some some examples…. Read More