Page 161, Search for the Stolen Scout #10

A few weeks ago patron Jason P. won a retweet reward drawing and asked that I draw his daughter standing with the 10th doctor. So, I did. Rob (or Robbbbbb on Twitter) asked that I draw his brother and son dressed in their scouting uniforms for his Retweet Reward. TrillmaticRT from Twitter asked if I… Read More

Page 159, Search for the Stolen Scout #8

Hey everyone… I am back from vacation and back into the Search for the Stolen Scout. Hippensteel has been a favorite character of mine for a really long time. I’ve waited too long to give her her own intro page. She is now a full fledged member of the cast, for better or worse.I don’t… Read More

Page 158, Sidekick Quests into Madness

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! Did you like Sidekick Quests into Madness… my third take on an alternate setting? Did you like it… like it a lot? I hope the answer is yes because all this month I will be releasing alternate Sidekick Quests the RPG rules for Sidekick Quests into Madness on my Patreon account…. Read More

Page 15-, A brief message from James Stowe

This weekend I was lucky enough to work the CLAW Table at Emerald City Comic Con. during which I drew a ton of simple $5 commissions where I drew cos-players in costume. Here are some of the wonderful people willing to get a 3 minute drawing made of them. Overall I had a really fantastic… Read More

Page 156, Search for the Stolen Scout #6

Michael Daley (Hanknation on Twitter) asked me to draw Munny as a flying monkey and Dalea as the Wicked Witch, so I drew this. I still owe Christian Linke, an incredible Patreon supporter winner classic fantasy weapons in the Sidekick Quests style and I am working on them. They should be ready next week. I haven’t… Read More

Page 154, Search for the Stolen Scout #4

This week I am showing off 2 Sidekick Quests’ retweet reward drawings. Last week I picked two winners, Ink Puddle on Twitter  (creator of the amazing webcomic The Devil and Ghandhi). He asked that I draw his comic’s Devil character… so I did. Ninja & Pirate on Twitter (creator of the amazing webcomic Ninja and… Read More

Page 153, Search for the Stolen Scout #3

I was out in the woods all last week with no interest or cellular coverage. I am back now and ready to jump back into things. Since there was no Retweet Reward drawing last week I will pick two winners this week. I also still owe Christian Linke his retweet reward from two weeks ago… Read More

Page 151, Search for the Stolen Scout #1

This week I am showing off 3 Sidekick Quests’  retreat reward drawings. On Jan. 14th Matt Zimmermann, influxweb on Twitter. He asked that I draw his daughter as an elf, so I drew this. On Jan. 29th (my birthday) BestConEver on Twitter asked that I draw adventurers as animals, so I drew this. Last week on Feb. 5th… Read More