Page 122, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #10

It is officially official. I am guest stripping all week this week on John Kovalic’s amazing Dork Tower webcomic. You can see my first strip here: The next two will run this Wednesday and Friday and will continue the “babysitting story arc”.

Page 121, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #9

This week I am very happy to announce that I will be provide 3 Guest Strips for John Kovalic’s DORK TOWER. I have been reading Dork Tower since I was in college studying Sequential Art nearly 20 years ago. Dork Tower was one of the first comic books my wife and I enjoyed together. It… Read More

Page 120, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #8

To clarify the action going on in today’s comic… Tweso the Red dropped into the fight last week as a Surprise Action in-between the two Minotaurs’ actions and then monologued today for a bit completely forgetting that he only magicked away one of the Minotaurs. It is still the Minotaur initiative and the other one… Read More

Page 116, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #4

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice long weekend. I took the day off and decided to post Monday’s comic today instead. The reveals on this page have been hinted at and alluded to for the past 2 years worth of Sidekick Quests. Yes, it’s true. The Wizards of Chivel are plotting to take over the… Read More

Page 115, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #3

I am just reintroducing character all willy-nilly. Welcome back Tweso the Red Wizard (last seen in Chapter 3) and Professor Pendarva the Grey Wizard (the villain(?) of Chapter 1). For almost two years I have hinted at the a plot that our sidekicks have accidentally stumbled upon. In the next few pages I am going… Read More