Page 264b, Revenge of the Red Wizard #24b

This summer I will, once again, be teaching several Specialty Camps through the Annie Wright Schools Summer Camp program in Tacoma, WA. This year I will be running four different camps all through the month of July. They are: Annimon Camp! Session: Week Five JULY 17-21, Afternoon Grades: 5-8 Price per Camper: $200 Campers will spend… Read More

Page 264a, Revenge of the Red Wizard #24a

Three week’s ago Scott Hendricks (@Sketch1027 on Twitter) won a #retweetreward and asked me to draw a radio play version of Holmes and Watson, so I did.

Page 263, April Fool’s Day 2017

As the comic says, Happy April Fools everyone. This year’s alternate Sidekick Quests setting is very close to my heart. It features concepts and elements from the amazing indy roleplaying game Upwind. Upwind was created by my very good friend Jeff Barber (author of such RPGs as Blue Planet and Midnight and the genius behind… Read More

Page 262b, Revenge of the Red Wizard #22b

This Saturday is April Fool’s Day. As is the tradition around here there will be a speciql ‘new’ page number one to celebrate on that day. Make sure to check back this weekend.

Page 261a, Revenge of the Red Wizard #21a

Last week’s SidekickQuests #retweetreward winner D Macpherson asked me to draw a #EdgarAllenPoe and since it was Dr. Seuss Day last week I decided to draw him in Seussian style..