Page 269b, Legend of the Last Dragon #3b

Are you ready to Roc? Because the Roc puns are coming hard and fast in the next few comics. You have been warned. For those of you interested in following along with the game play side of the narrative below is the playtest version of the Roc character sheet I will using as reference for… Read More

Page 268b, Legend of the Last Dragon #2b

In case you were wondering, the great spirit Acroph looks like this: And yes… when I get to the point that I am creating Advancement powers for Foundlings they will get at least one action called Sweet Wrasslin’ Moves!

Page 267, Legend of the Last Dragon #1

Welcome back to Sidekick Quests! I hope you enjoyed your Summer vacation. I know I enjoyed mine. A good portion of my summer was again teaching cartooning and comic storytelling to summer campers. over the next few weeks I will also be sharing their comics as well. Starting today is the tenth chapter in the… Read More

Page 264b, Revenge of the Red Wizard #24b

This summer I will, once again, be teaching several Specialty Camps through the Annie Wright Schools Summer Camp program in Tacoma, WA. This year I will be running four¬†different camps all through the month of July. They are: Annimon Camp! Session: Week Five JULY 17-21, Afternoon Grades: 5-8 Price per Camper: $200 Campers will spend… Read More

Page 264a, Revenge of the Red Wizard #24a

Three week’s ago Scott Hendricks (@Sketch1027¬†on Twitter) won a #retweetreward and asked me to draw a radio play version of Holmes and Watson, so I did.