Page 149, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #37

This is the second to last page in what has become the longest and most dangerous Sidekick Quests Adventure to date. Next week’s double-sized comic that will wrap up Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl and set the stage for an all new, all different Adventure. In it we will meet new sidekicks to Vikings, Witches, Barbarians… Read More

Page 148, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #36

Sorry for the late page this week, I was vacationing with the family at the beach, celebrating my birthday. Hopefully the fact that everyone didn’t die in lava last week helps soften the lateness. In case you are confused by what happened this week… Professor Pendarva cast  Mirror Ally Defense Spell in reaction to Tweso’s… Read More

Page 147, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #35

This week’s Retreat Reward drawing was won by Jean Hopkins who asked that I draw my version of her children’s book character Moo.  I would also like to announce that 9th Level Games is about to begin a Kickstarter for their new card game, Schrodinger’s Cats. I provided the artwork for the game and I have… Read More

Page 146, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #34

It is a new year… Last year was a very eventful year for me. In March I celebrated two years of making Sidekick Quests. This Summer I finally released a working version of the Sidekick Quests Roleplaying Game (and for everyone who has downloaded it thank you and expect the Quest Pack soon, it is… Read More

Page 145, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #33

When I write Sidekick Quests and a die roll is called for, what I do is actually roll the D20 to determine the outcome. Sometimes I do this during scripting if it could change an entire page layout and sometimes I wait until I get to the outcome panel to roll the die. Today’s comic… Read More

Munny Takes A Nap Fill-in Comic Part 3

I want to thank Jaydot Sloane for stepping up with a fun fill in tale and letting me take the week off. Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl will be back next Monday with a brand new comic, some retreat rewards and a Chapter Six promo!

Munny Takes A Nap Fill-in Comic Part 1

I am taking this week off for Christmas but fear not… fellow web cartoonist and all around awesome person Jaydot Sloane has stepped up and created a fun three page story for us called Munny Takes A Nap! Today starts Part One.   Jaydot makes a wonderful webcomic called Vanity Games! You can also follow… Read More

Page 144, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #32

This week we are one step closer to the end of Chapter 5: Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl. There are only 6 pages left after this. During the last two weeks there have been two new #retweetreward winners! Two week’s ago the winner was Charles Dowd, creator of the all ages comic Lilith Dark and… Read More

Page 142, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #30

With the Thanksgiving holiday last week I neglected to offer any #retweetrewards last week so instead here is a promo image for the next Chapter of Sidekick Quests. In it I confirm an important plot point…

Page 141, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #29

I am back from a week away and I decided to experiment a bit with storytelling this week… nine panels and zero dialog. I am honestly not sure how successful it is. Let me know what you think.   Before I left Kevin Freitas won the last retweet reward. He asked for his cat drawn… Read More