August Update

Thought I would write a quick update for August.

First off I want to promote the Panda Manga Geek Life podcast. The newest episode (#55) features a very positive review of this comic and for that I am very thankful. You can listen to it here:

Next I will be joining the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians this Saturday (the 17th) at Nerdy Con celebrating the grand reopening of Nerdy Stuffs at their new location at 12223 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma, Washington 98444. I’ll be there talking Sidekick Quests the RPG, answering questions, drawing commissions and generally hanging out with my kids. We may even play a game or two. Come see me if you are in the area.

Finally I want everyone to know that Fiendish Fan-Made Fridays will be back in September with the beginning of the new school year. I still have many submissions to draw but I am always looking for more. If you know a creative child that wants to contribute a monster please fill out the FFF form! Even though Fiendish Monsters will be returning on Friday I am still going to try to keep up the bi-weekly pace I established this Summer. Expect a comic on Mondays and Wednesdays and a monster on Fridays come September.

PS. also look for a major over haul of the site in a bit. Sidekick Quests has been around for about a year and a half now and I have grown older and wiser and the site should reflect that. Consider yourself teased.

That is it for me now. Tomorrow is a new comic. See you then.

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