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Cartooning Camp Comics 7 – Izzy Coppeans

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For the past two weeks I have been sharing my love for cartooning with the Annie Wright Schools Camp Wright summer program. For the first week I was the weekly guest artist and taught basics of simplified comic drawing to over one hundred campers. During the second week I ran a specialized cartooning camp for 3rd to 8th graders with 17 campers. Over five days they drew comics, learned how professionals make comics and played art games. The focus was to create their own comic strip series, pick their best comic from that series and finish it with ink, color and dialog. For the next few weeks Sidekick Quests will become a daily comic showcasing each one of my cartooning camp campers and their great strips.

Today’s comic is Ginger, the Savior of our People by Izzy Coppeans, 7th Grader.



Izzy was one of my favorite campers. I met her a few week’s earlier when I participated in my daughter’s school art night.  She should a lot of talent that night and all through camp. While most campers created 3-5 comics Maren made 9! Her comics were funny, well drawn and easy to understand. She was a great camper and I hope I have the chance to draw comics with her again.

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