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Page 161, Search for the Stolen Scout #10

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A few weeks ago patron Jason P. won a retweet reward drawing and asked that I draw his daughter standing with the 10th doctor. So, I did.

Rob (or Robbbbbb on Twitter) asked that I draw his brother and son dressed in their scouting uniforms for his Retweet Reward.

TrillmaticRT from Twitter asked if I would draw a icon to use with the logo for his podcast/blog,

Dan Butcher (Vanguardcomic on Twitter) won the Retweet Reward drawing and asked that I draw some fan art of his character Pendragon.

Bill (CollectiveWe on Twitter) asked that a draw his character ‘Bert’ from the Eclipse Phase campaign we both play in together. Eclipse Phase is a sci-fi RPG focused on transhumanism and existential horror. I recommend you check it out. It is awesome.

3 thoughts on “Page 161, Search for the Stolen Scout #10

  1. Mr. Wonderlan

    One of the very few things I regret about terminating my Twitter account is getting in on the re-tweet rewards. These are all awesome.. though I especially like the Dr. Who one.


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