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A Pause for an Announcement

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I apologize for pausing our story right when things are getting all finale-like but I got some news I really want to share.

I am making my first Kickstarter to fund the printing and release of Sidekick Quests; the Secret of the Sewer Wizard, a 96 page book that collects the first comic storyline and also provides game rules allowing you to play out Secret of the Sewer Wizard as a roleplaying game campaign adventure for Sidekick Quests the RPG, an introductory role-playing game for players ages 6 and up. The game focuses on teamwork, creative problem solving and conflict management while also featuring classic, but streamlined, roles from beloved fantasy settings.

So please keep an eye out for it next week (I am aiming for A May 10th release).

There will be a proper comic on Friday, I promise.

(I am so excited everybody)

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