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Page 149, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #37

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This is the second to last page in what has become the longest and most dangerous Sidekick Quests Adventure to date. Next week’s double-sized comic that will wrap up Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl and set the stage for an all new, all different Adventure. In it we will meet new sidekicks to Vikings, Witches, Barbarians and Pirates. We will visit the new land of Axandgold. We will face new obstacles and foes like the Mad Menagerie, The Pirate Captain Goldenbeard, and the Gods of Vikingdom. And we will finally reunite with an old friend long gone missing. The only problem is… I am still not sure what to call the sixth Sidekick Quests Adventure. I have a few title ideas but haven’t decided one any one of them for the actual title yet. I’ve decided to ask for your help. The poll below has my ideas for titles and gives you the option of suggesting your own. the Title that gets the most votes will be the title of the Sixth Adventure.


Also I wanted to make sure that I let you know that the 9th Level Games Kickstarter for the Schrodinger’s Cats Card Game is live and already nearly 75% funded. It just needs your help to get it the rest of the way there. I am really proud of this project and want it to become a real game that all of you can own. Go to the link above to back it and make sure to follow it on Facebook and Twitter!


Finally I want to let all of you know that I now have an Patron page. Please go check it out!



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