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Page 154, Search for the Stolen Scout #4

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This week I am showing off 2 Sidekick Quests’ retweet reward drawings. Last week I picked two winners, Ink Puddle on Twitter  (creator of the amazing webcomic The Devil and Ghandhi). He asked that I draw his comic’s Devil character… so I did. SidekickQuests_inkpuddle-03Ninja & Pirate on Twitter (creator of the amazing webcomic Ninja and Pirate) asked that I draw the Marvel character Spider Gwen, so I drew this. retweetreward_ninjaandpirate-03 I still owe Christian Linke, an incredible Patreon supporter winner classic fantasy weapons in the Sidekick Quests style and I am working on them. They should be ready next week. I haven’t forgotten you Christian! Speaking of Patron I also want to let you know that you can now support Sidekick Quests on Patreon. There are many sponsor levels and I would appreciate your help in making more Sidekick Quests comics and games. Sidekickquests_patreon-03

4 thoughts on “Page 154, Search for the Stolen Scout #4

  1. DresdenDM

    For some reason I really enjoy how your comic shows the battle grid and The dice rolls. Really makes it feel like I’m watching a game.

    1. stowe Post author

      To be completely I really like it too. And not just because I get to fill half the page with Map and GM narration.

  2. joel413

    Typo: GM Bubble 3 – the Vulturopus doesn’t enjoy being pointed at “my” a loud excitable girl.


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