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Page 135, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #23

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When I find that someone on Twitter or Facebook that has shared this comic on launch day (today) I enter them in a weekly drawing I call retweetrewards. I tally up all the entries I get and then I randomly select one winner from Twitter and one winner from Facebook to receive a free digital commission drawing of really… anything they want (I have drawn all kinds of things so far). Last week Wesley Kinsman Hall  (creator of the always not unfunny  Nameless PCs webcomic) won the Facebook drawing and asked if I would draw a A bullywug high-fiving a Kobold. So… I went ahead and made this potential silkscreen teeshirt design:


2 thoughts on “Page 135, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #23

  1. joel413

    Once again, we get to see game play come into the comic! Why this is truely one of my favoritest-ify-able-iest comics!


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