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Page 148, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #36

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Sorry for the late page this week, I was vacationing with the family at the beach, celebrating my birthday.

Hopefully the fact that everyone didn’t die in lava last week helps soften the lateness. In case you are confused by what happened this week… Professor Pendarva cast¬† Mirror Ally Defense Spell in reaction to Tweso’s Group Teleport (into lava) Spell. The Mirror Ally Defense Spell creates a illusionary duplicate or duplicates of the target(s) of a successful attack and then cloaks the actual characters in invisibility causing the attacker to think that their attack actually worked as intended. This is not actually the first time this spell has been cast by the Professor. The first time was when Pendarva saved Tweso from the enraged minotaur attack back on page 120/121. And while I hope it is clear that there is no love loss been the Professor and the Sidekicks, Pendarva couldn’t just stand idly by while the rogue Dungeon Master murdered his pupils and their friends. This page also sees Milberg standing up and defying the Professor… which, in my mind, finally puts him firmly in the Sidekick’s camp. In the past he has been all too willing to¬†believe what the wizards tell him because they are adults. Finally we find out where Benton has been all this time… but where exactly is that and what is waiting for the Sidekicks there should they decide to rescue him.

Only two more pages left in Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl to find out…

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