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Page 180, Search for the Stolen Scout Epilogue #3

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With page 180 I introduce the newest role for Sidekick Quests the Role Playing Game; the Fledgling Witch. Included with this page is a free PDF supplement now available in the Shop. In it you will find new character sheets for both good and witch fledgling witches as well as two new pages meant to be added to the Quick Play Guide that help define the new roles and the newly introduced Spirit World.


12049400_10153275874044862_4001403278838378918_nI will, for the fifth year in a row, be participating in the 24 Hour Comic Book Day challenge. During it I will try to make 24 pages of comics in just 24 hours. I will be joined by my fellow cartoonists from the C.L.A.W. and my son, who (hopefully) will act as my writer for as long as he can stay awake. I believe he is planning to have us work on a story entitled “Time Puncher and Hobo Duck: Time Punching Through Time!” We will be drawing live in Tacoma from 10am on Saturday, October  3rd at Tacoma Games (2509 6th Ave., Tacoma). If you are in the area please come visit and bring food and coffee. I’ll need it. If you aren’t I will be sharing my attempt online as well with a G+ Hangout on Air. I will also be accepting donations for the C.L.A.W. Student Scholarship fund.

And finally long time Sidekick Quests supporter Jimmie Bise Jr.(@jimmiebjr on twitter) won the Retweet Reward drawing two weeks ago and asked that I drawn him as a character from this year’s April Fool’s strip Sidekick Quests into Madness. So, of course I did. Meet Jimmie Bise, blogger, conspiracy theorist and believer in and possibly cursed with the mark of… the WERE-SQUATCH! (half werewolf, half bigfoot)sidekickquests_sheet_chulthualts_weresquatch

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