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Page 125, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #13

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This is my 125th page of Sidekick Quests. Not sure I ever thought I’d do 125 of these when I started, now I have ideas for at least of 125 more. Heck, I haven’t even scratched the surface.

This current storyline, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl, will continue (with some epilogue pages) for 24 more pages to 149  and starting a fresh direction at 150 which will take our kid heroes to new parts of the World of Adventur and pit them against stronger threats. Ultimately their journey will change the fate of their country of Chivel forever.

Hopefully you will stick along for the ride.

Also, for those of you have been awesome enough to download the 99 cent Quick Play Rules from the store but have noticed that there are no Quests yet to play with them… I am still working on the Starter Quest Pack. Hopefully I will be making it available very soon. I want you to have fun with it and to do that I actually need to finish it. Soooonnn…

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