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Page 128, Our Very Second Dungeon Crawl #16

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For the past few months I have been trying to give a little back to all the wonderful people (you) that read this little webcomic and share it with others. I am very active on Twitter ( and When I find that someone on Twitter has shared a comic I enter them in a weekly drawing I call #retweetrewards (yay, hashtags). I tally up all the entries I get and then I randomly select one winner to receive a free digital commission drawing of really… anything they want (I have drawn all kinds of things so far).

Last week Matt Zimmerman ( on Twitter) won and asked me to draw him a 1/2 giant barbarian from the north with a great sword so I drew this:


So… jump on Twitter and help me share Sidekick Quests and you too can be entered to win totally free art. Make sure to include me @jamesstowe or @sidekickquests (or both) and maybe even the hashtag retweetrewards. And thanks in advance for sharing!


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